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Billy Lester's teaching practice is convenient to students in Riverdale, Yonkers, and Southern Westchester County, NY

Piano Lessons in Riverdale |Bronx | Westchester

Billy Lester teaches piano lessons with a focus on technique, jazz improvisation, classical music, reading, music theory, harmony, composition, and ear training, at all levels. Children and adults alike are welcome.

“My teaching techniques include piano skill, theory, ear training, sight reading, listening and transcribing jazz solos, and especially discussions about the nature and purpose of improvising. Through years of self examination I have developed techniques to facilitate the discovery of one’s own artistic “voice”. Therein lies the greatest pleasure.”
– Blly Lester

Located in Southwest Yonkers near the NYC line, he’s convenient to students in Riverdale (the Bronx), and Southern Westchester county.

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Billy Lester