Jazz piano lessons for adult beginners

Billy Lester is teaching jazz piano lessons for adult beginners.

According to Billy:

” Most adult beginners come to the lessons with a bit of trepidation either from previous bad experiences with other piano teachers or with a fear that they will not be successful. I always approached music with a love of learning for learning’s sake. My job is to impart that love of learning. I’ve spent many years  asking myself how I would like to be taught. And the answer is “with as little pressure as possible!” With that in mind, I’ve developed a mode of teaching which has a strong emphasis on explaining the music. Most of my adult students are learning to play the music from the American Song Book:i.e. the music of  George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc. At first we study chord structure and scales. With that information I am able to teach songs using numbers to describe the chord position within each key e.g. the II7 going to a V7 etc. Then we learn the relationship of the melody to the chord. In that way the music in both hands becomes unified. When the student finally actually reads the notes of the music he is able to “sense” the flow of the music, rather than reading random musical symbols.

If the Adult beginner chooses, we can then approach improvisation in it’s most beginning stages. After that…the sky’s the limit.”

Billy is currently accepting new students at his studio in Yonkers, NY.

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