Piano lessons for Children and Beginners

Billy Lester is teaching piano lessons for children and beginners at his studio in Yonkers.

According to Billy –

“If a child knows the alphabet, he or she is ready to begin. Explaining how to identify the white keys of the piano ¬†enables the beginner to learn simple folk or nursery tunes. I also compose little tunes for little children. The goal is to start reading music with a design towards classical, blues and boogie woogie. The beginning books which I use are “Pageants for Piano” by Donald Waxman, “Introducory Classics to Moderns” by Dene Agay and “Suzuki Piano vol. 2”. My expertise in Jazz allows me to include pieces such as “Muskat Ramble”, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”, “On The Sunny Side Of The Street”, “When You’re Smiling”, “Over The Rainbow”, When You Wish Upon A Star”, “My Favorite Things” etc.”

Billy is currently accepting new students. Email now!